Equipped with TeachNext Smart Class with Pearson Books to advance Class Room Teaching.
The school is up to Sr. Secondary level, affiliated to CBSE. It is a Co-Educational English Medium School. It is committed to provide a comprehensive and value based quality education. The school follows the NCERT syllabus as we get the modules and capsules for different subjects prepared by the subject expects, and use them in classroom teaching to make learning process and understanding of subject easy and effective.The medium of instruction in English with understanding the importance of our national language Hindi, Science, Mathematics, Social science and Environment Studies are part of the academic curriculum. Other subjects like Physics and Health Education, Dance and Music, Art and Craft etc. are also included as part of curriculum for holistic development of students. English language lab, Science and Maths lab are developed in order to accelerate the learning process and develop the skills in language, Science and Maths.
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