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Certain rules and regulation have been framed for the maintenance of discipline and punctuality of students in the school which the students are expected to conform to in letter and spirit for their own benefits and for upholding the reputation of the school. Non adherence to these rules would invite punishment including expulsion of a student from the school.
It is, therefore, obligatory for the students to follow the rules bellow:
To maintain high standard of discipline and punctuality, etiquette and manners health and hygiene both individually and collectively.
To maintain regularity in attendance in the school.
To attend the school in perfect school uniform neat and clean and well ironed.
To have short, well-trimmed and neatly combed hair (for boys) and well set, clipped and rib boned hair (for girls).
Not to carry any expensive and/or fashionable items like camera, mobile etc. to the school.
Not to indulge in damaging, disfiguring or causing any loss of any school property.
Not to show disregard to the school staff in general and teaching staff in particular, use obscene or abusive language, indulge in indecent / undignified postures: and to indulge in any such activity, over and above the ones mentioned above, that damage the reputation of the school.
To buy eatable and gift of any kind from outside are not allowed. However, on certain specific occasions like birthday if parents wish to give estables to ward and his classmates they are permitted to do so.
To deposit the school fees from time to time as notified in the beginning of the session. An amount of Rs.5/- per day will be charged for delayed payment of fees.
To present on the opening and closing day of the school.
School fees deposited will not be refunded in case the student is withdrawn from the school any time during the session.
Parents should sign and return the report card within 2 days.
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