Equipped with TeachNext Smart Class with Pearson Books to advance Class Room Teaching.
To make learning a real pleasure emphasis is laid on the play-way method, besides the other teaching aids. Every class room is equipped with a Plasma TV with an imported Digi board which makes learning an exciting and a pleasurable pursuit for students. Topic wise modules for each subject are designed and prepared by “Educomp” (an expert multinational education company) are presented live before the students on the screen through the plasma screen in an interactive way. This novel method not only creates deep interest in students but also cements and reinforces their learning.
Latest teaching technology is applied by highly qualified and specially trained to make teaching interesting and enjoyable to students.In class room plasma T.V.is placed under imported digi board to present difficult topics,concepts and systems live by films and modules to students.By this process difficult topics, concepts and systems live by films and modules to students.By this process interest and concentration of students increases,hence concept feeding and learning becomes easy and comfortable.Tension and cramming is reduced.
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